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Last Update: 10 Feb 2016 
The Urban NEXUS
Metropolitan Regions
Gender in Urban Development
Cities and Climate Change
Inclusive Cities
Green Urban Economy
Towards Urban Safety and Security
Urban Disaster Risk Reduction
The City as a Global Player
on the occasion of the Eschborn Dialogue 2012
 Training - new entries
Enhancing Development Effectiveness for Decentralization and Local Governance
Urban Crime and Violence Prevention (Facilitated)
Introduction to Disaster Risk Management
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 Events - new entries
Multi-Stakeholder Symposium: Towards Inclusive Cities in Asia
Urban Thinkers Campus „Urban Citizenship in a Nomadic World“
Metropolitan Solutions
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The City We Need – Urban Thinkers Campus and General Assembly of Partners in Germany
Urban Nexus: Training for Integrated Urban Planning and Resource Management
Lviv 2015 - Sustainable Mobility on the Rise
Financing Sustainable Infrastructure in the World’s Mega-cities: New C40 Cities Finance Facility Launched with BMZ and IADB Support
Integrated Development in Ukraine
Market Study of Muang Mai Market in Chiang Mai/Thailand
Thung Song’s Cargo Distribution Centre Infrastructure Project
New CDIA Program Coordinator and CDIA’s New Office Address
Call for Expression of Interest: A Shared Approach to Measuring the Size and Nature of the Environmental Goods and Services Sector in C40 Cities
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The Compact of Mayors
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